Top Start Up Tips

So you are looking to start out on your entrepreneurial business journey, stay on track with our start up helpful tips.

·       Discover what drives you

·       Don’t be your own enemy! Partners, colleagues and friends might feel threatened by your decision to set up a business, but the biggest barrier to change is your attitude, not theirs.

·       Don’t underestimate yourself but do believe in your future

·       Don’t make unrealistic demands on yourself. You cannot do everything and be everywhere, so know your limits

·       It's good to make changes, just be prepared challenges to your business may come too

·       Set yourself a series of modest short–term goals rather than going for the jackpot right from the start

·       Stay positive. There will always be ups and downs but that is what makes it so rewarding!

·       Do keep up to date with your objectives and goals you have met. Remember to reward yourself for those achievements!

·       Do stay committed. Take the first step right now, a journey of a thousand miles starts with the first step.


Pear Digital Team