• Analysis reveals the typical private jet user is a 41-year old male,
who flies in a small group, in a small ‘air taxi’ jet from London to Paris
• PrivateFly says business owners and families are the growing
critical mass of private jet travellers

Private jet booking platform PrivateFly has unveiled key characteristics of
the typical private jet user, revealing a more modest profile than many
might expect. The company’s latest Private Jet Charter Trends report
includes the demographic snapshot, reflecting data from private jet users
over the past 12 months.

PrivateFly’s analysis is based on its growing funnel of customer booking,
enquiry and flight search data, with the technology-driven platform now
receiving over 200,000 unique website visitors every month. Its quarterly
insights report was launched at the beginning of 2016.

The average private jet customer in 2016 has the following characteristics:

• He’s a 41-year old male, and travels with three or four other
• He flies from London to Paris (the most enquired route). 
• He flies in a Citation Mustang, a small four-seater ‘air taxi’ style
jet (prices start from £3,500 for a one-way flight from London to Paris).
• He books his flight at late notice, less than a week before
• He takes off at 11am on a Friday, the most popular time to fly.

Commenting on the findings, Adam Twidell, CEO of PrivateFly said: “There’s a
lot of guesswork and many stereotypes surrounding who flies by private jet -
many of which are overblown - so it’s great to be sharing real facts and
data-driven customer insights.

“Some of the findings may come as a surprise to those outside the industry,
particularly the popularity of small jets and short distance flights. Today
there is a growing crossover between the profile of the private jet user and
the airline passenger.

“It goes without saying that today’s private jet customer is driven by the
time-saving and convenience of private air travel which, while more
expensive than airline travel, is not only for oligarchs, celebrities or the
super-rich travelling in large and lavish jets.

“These high-spending clients exist of course, but they are a small minority.

The critical mass of private jet users are successful business owners or
families happy to pay a premium for a better travel experience. And with the
entry-level end of the private jet market becoming increasingly competitive,
this is likely to become even more apparent in 2017.”

Pear Digital Team